Friday, August 17, 2012

The Classical Anthology


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The Classical Anthology is a new website which we hope will grow into a collection of beautiful, inspiring and memorable passages from Greek and Latin literature, each with a translation so that anyone can enjoy them and share them. It includes anything written in Greek or Latin, from earliest times to the present day. A surprising number of people have studied Latin or even Greek at some point and even those who have not also have a great enthusiasm for the Classics. One of the aims of the anthology is to foster this enthusiasm by making the gems of Classical literature easily accessible to anyone and by encouraging anyone to suggest a passage. The Classical Anthology also aims to celebrate and share the huge range of experience and expertise among those teaching and studying Classics worldwide. We hope that scholars and teachers will also contribute, either to suggest a well-loved passage that many people will know and appreciate, or to recommend a passage from a less well-known author that others would be delighted to discover. The best length for passages is around 20-40 lines and please can you recommend a translation too – a more literal one is better, to help with reading the original. Your own translation would be great and would avoid copyright problems, although the publishers approached so far have been very supportive. 

Lastly, a few introductory words explaining what you find special about this passage will really help to make the anthology inspiring. We will edit and upload the contributions but will consult you first if we see the need for any significant alterations. 
So please visit and send in your suggestions via the form there.

Please also tell your friends. Lastly, we hope you enjoy using the website yourself. We look forward to hearing from you. 
Thank you! 
Jane Mason and Stephen Jenkin 

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