Friday, August 31, 2012

Beginners Online Latin in the Schola Latina Universalis

Latin courses begin in the Schola Latina Universalis

The SLU advocates the teaching of Latin as our common European language, and considers that its learning can only really succeed when the language is used actively, through listening and speaking.

The Schola Latina Universalis is an international Latin school on line that starts in 2012 its ninth academic year and has obtained a reputation of excellence in the teaching of Latin as a living language. Hundreds of students bear witness to its success and prove that Latin is a language like all others, which can be learnt in a much more pleasant and effective way than it often is.

The Schola Latina Universalis has been recommended by the Foundation
Generation Europe in its diary Diarium Europa (p. 83), published in Latin by the European Commission.

This virtual institution, unique in the world and created to promote the perennial use of Latin, bases its activity on the method created to this effect by Clément Desessard, Lingua Latina sine molestia (Le latin sans peine, Il latino senza sforzo), published by the well-known house
Assimil. With the title Sermó Latínus, which underlines their active nature, the on-line courses, originally created by A. Gratius Avitus, and now taught by A. Tullia Scholastica, Canicus Buckus and Maja Davidia, are offered completely for free to all those who have previously got hold of their own copy of Desessard's method (book and recordings).

All those who wish to learn Latin, the eternal language of our forefathers, so that they can not only read the texts with understanding but also write it with ease and fluently speak it in every circumstance, are invited to join these courses in order to bring again to active life and everyday use the only common linguistic patrimony Europe has ever known.

The intensive course, with all 101 lessons in one year at a pace of one every two days, starts on Monday 17 September. Those who prefer to do it in two years, with 56 lessons in the first year at a pace of one every three days, and the remaining 45 in the second year at the same pace, start on Monday 24 September.


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