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June 29, 2011
Classical Question Times
Bit of an advert here. But we are having two big public classical events in Cambridge in July. One is about the Death of Socrates, the other is about the Future of Pompeii. Dates are 26th and 27th July. Everyone welcome.

OK, the background? There is a big classical conference ('the triennial') that happens every three years in Cambridge/Oxford. It has always been quite hard core. But this year we decided to open the thing up a bit: to keep the hard core but to add on some intelligent, public fora... to talk about how Classics matters still. For everyone from 11 to 99..

The two panels feature classicists (Cartledge, Hobbs, Wallace Hadrill and me) and those with a relevant interest.. from Shami Chakrabati to Simon Jenkins and David Cannadine, Caroline Lawrence to Simon Heffer and Roger Scruton.

The format of the two events is basically the same...some panel presentations, interaction, debate and argument followed by questions and contributions from the floor. The idea is to get us all arguing about Socrates and Pompeii.. about why we think these are important, and whether it matters more widely (does Pompeii have something to tell us about Stonehenge? Did Socrates deserve all he got..and does it matter anyway? )

It's a fantastic line up..I've never heard Shami C reflect on Socrates before, or Simon J take on Pompeii. And there will be book signings (NB Flavia Gemina fans..)

So I really hope you will come (else I will look dead stupid saying that Classics still pulls in an back me up please). There is a fee per ticket (£10), with concessions.. but we are not profit making .. we are just covering the hefty cost of the venue, travel, overheads etc. Details: here.

Please come along, come and speak up and show the world that we can fill the Lady Mitchell Hall (600 or so) for a classical event.

Indeed come to the whole conference.

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