Saturday, April 9, 2011

International CICERO Classics Competition

News of the international CICERO Classics competition can now be seen on

The latest exciting news is that the competition in Tunisia, while having to be postponed due to the 'Jasmine Revolution' has now freed up the country to such an extent that more schools in the south of the country have been able to join CICERO and we are hoping for international recognition for the competition on 16 April when students will celebrate being able to communicate freely with their peers around the world. CICERO will be the first organised manifestation of their new-found freedom and it is possible that the EU Ambassador will be there - let's hope the technology works so that video-conferencing can connect them with Classicists worldwide!

What does the future hold for CICERO? The success of this ever-expanding venture means that we are now asking for more people to join the CICERO UK team (perhaps Classics teachers, but not necessarily). I need to concentrate on the website and international co-ordination - and the competition needs some fresh new ideas. If you want to be involved in this great adventure and would enjoy liaising with Classics teachers around the world, witnessing the amazing capacity for enjoyment of the new generation of young Classicists - get in touch with me now!

In the words of Don, from A Ray of Hope UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace, “CICERO is now a global amphitheatre, built around the pillars of the classics with an ever-expanding foundation of friendship".

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