Thursday, December 2, 2010

Latin future perfect

From Daily Telegraph Dec 1 2010 (Leader)

Latin won’t die, and for good reasons.

Like blotting-paper and chalk, Latin might seem part of a world of school that, for good or ill, has faded away. But Latin won’t die, and for good reasons. It improves the reading age in English of children who learn it, and lets them use their own language with insight. Its vigour even at primary school level is shown by sales of 100,000 of the Minimus illustrated course books over the past decade. In the East End of London, more than a dozen state primary schools have proved the value of Latin.

Now the Government is removing absurd obstacles (to do with curriculum rules) to the teaching of Latin at primary level, and then as part of an English baccalaureate. The work itself is being done by energetic young teachers and backed by charities such as Classics for All. Latin is not a cruel and unusual punishment for children, but a rightful inheritance.

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