Monday, July 12, 2010

Threat to Classics in Scottish Schools

Dear all,

I am contacting you in anticipation that you will be able to assist in efforts to ensure that Latin does not disappear from the curriculum in Scotland, particularly in the state sector. The examination board, the SQA, proposes not to develop qualifications in Latin at the first/lower levels, contrary to the Curriculum for Excellence.. Qualifications for Classical Studies have now been secured but is essential to secure a discrete Latin qualification at National Level 4 to ensure parity of esteem and progression with other languages.

If there are no qualifications at the first/younger levels for pupils, schools will inevitably remove Latin from the school curriculum.

A Facebook has been set up outlining the concerns encouraging classicists and those who care about education to contact the SQA and Michael Russell, the Education Secretary for Scotland to ensure a "re-think" of these proposals, which appear to discriminate against Latin.

Could I ask you to look at the Facebook page, simply titled *Keep Latin and Classical* *Studies in Scottish Schools*, and give your support to ensure that a classical language remains available to pupils in Scottish schools. (You do not need to be a Facebook user to access these pages.)


Shona J.A. Harrison
Classics Teacher

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